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By adopting our platform your daily operations are easy to adapt, configure, parameterize and manage, while your business GROWS. Below we show some use cases of our business solutions platform

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Point of Sale

Modules for cash flow management, whether for supermarkets, kiosks, or restaurants, have everything necessary to manage a point of sale quickly and easily.

Easy to set up:  tables, waiters, orders

from your mobile or any devices

Fast and easy to use

Control Cash Flow

Educational Management Platform

The Platform is offered as a service that makes it easier for institutions to have control over all administrative and educational management in one place. Through a web portal, with easy access and intuitive learning, you will be able to carry out all the operations, with just a few clicks.

Manage: Organizational Structures/Departments, Teachers/Professors, Subjects/Subjects, Students/Grades, Study Plans, Administrative Staff, Cost Centers, Billing/Checking Account, Attendance, Exams, e-Learning, Video calls.

Success story: "Cristo Rey" Education Institute.

Health Management Platform

Solution aimed at any doctor's office, clinic, hospital or health institution. Management of: Professionals/Employees/Institutional Organization Chart, Cost Centers, Patients, Social Works, Rehabilitation Modules, Reports (Initial, Evolutionary; Comprehensive) Tariffs according to Resolutions, Budgets and Consents, DDJJ, Transportation, Billing/Current Account x Social Work and Patient/Bank Reconciliation.

Success Story : Instituto de Rehabilitación de Niños Especiales "Padre Leopoldo Mandic"

3D Image Management Platform (DICOM)

For imaging study centers of any type, we provide a web platform to manage the entire process, from booking the appointment online to delivering the results, either via email or WhatsApp. As it is a web solution, we can manage the viewing of these exams through any browser, and regardless of the operating system (Windows, Linux, Android, Apple-IoS).

Fuel Business Management Platform

Success Story; EnergyGroupConsulting, A company dedicated to the marketing of fuels has adopted our platform for the entire management of this complex business.

RefiPyme Management Platform

Success Story: Estandar Energy SA, a hydrocarbon distillery located in General Rodriguez, whose plant processes about 300m3/day, another company that has trusted T&T

Consulting Services

Our specialists have the necessary expertise to understand all your business needs: not only business management and analytics (BI) software solutions, but everything related to IT Infrastructure, Networks, Cybersecurity, Housing, and Data Center services ( backups, disaster recovery, data protection, housing, storage, etc)